Why your husband rules over you

In preparation for our Pendotalk Relationship Forums, we have been asking our followers a number of questions. Some time back we asked, what do you think about Genesis 3:16? “…Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.”

We are amazed by the responses, showing the great difficulty women have in submitting to their husbands in today’s relationships. We would like to share with you a brief explanation of the Bible verse, showing that God’s ordained leadership structure is where the man leads. The explanation is a summary of Tim Challies’ detailed view on the verse.

First, we look at the meaning of desire. “Your desire will be for your husband…” this term desire is actually a bad, sinful desire. The kind of desire that makes a woman detest the thought of submitting to her husband and following his leadership. It is not the good, romantic desire. Here God is trying to show how it can be difficult for a woman to submit.

“…He shall rule over you” The loving leadership of the husband will be replaced with a desire to rule, to master, to exercise a kind of lordship. This is what sin does to a man, making it even harder for his wife to submit to him. So here the message is that in a sinful state, instead of leading his wife well, a man will dominate her.

So the long and the short of this verse is that a man is supposed to lead his wife, but he can not do so well in a sinful state. Therefore he should strive to free himself from sin, & this way the wife will lose the ‘desire’ for her husband and submit to him without difficulty.

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