Why women date men with cars

Any man can attest to the fact that after he bought his first car, women automatically seemed to notice him more. The bigger your car, the more the women you are likely to attract. So what is this fascination women have over cars?

It shows financial stability.

A man with a car is assumed to already have the basics he requires, hence why he can afford the ‘luxury’ of a car. The responsibility of a car includes fueling, regular car service costs and occasional spare part replacements.

So by the time he is buying the car, the assumption is that he comfortably pays rent for his spacious apartment, frequents the high end restaurants/bars and can buy some fancy things from time to time. What does this translate to for the women? Nice place, glamorous dates and amazing gifts that all their friends will envy. There is a feeling that a guy who can take care of himself (&car) well can also take care of his woman well, materially and otherwise.

But then here’s the thing, guys have discovered that women like these men with cars and they are fooling them everyday. Of course there are those who borrow their friends’ cars and those who always owe a car hire company some money because they are always trying to impress women with cars they do not own. & these ladies might never know their boyfriend’s car is borrowed. Others might own the car, but their financial priorities are misplaced and after years of dating you find that your darling has close to nil savings or investments because he was busy spending on shiny rims for his ‘baby’.

There are smarter ways to spot a financially responsible man. Start with looking at how he spends money on you. Think of the places he takes you to and the gifts he buys. A responsible man is practical. He will start of with buying things that he knows you need.He will take you to the 3 star restaurant every week instead of taking you to the 5 star restaurant once in 2 months. (This also shows he wants to spend more time with you, good sign for sure). Also observe how he spends on himself. He shouldn’t be buying for you some new shoes when he has run out of groceries in his house.  Ask him investment questions like “What do you think about this counter in the stock market?”, “What do you you think about the sudden craze of buying land in the country?”…based on his answers you’ll be able to tell if these are things he has thought about before and if he may have invested in them as well. Let your money conversations be focused on the long term. This way, you’ll be able to imagine the way he will be living 10, 20 years from now.

A man with a vision will be consistent and when he realizes success he will be stable for many, many years. A guy with a car…well, he is just a guy with a car.


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