There’s something about men in well fitted suits, women in formal fitting dresses, impeccable English and intelligent conversations that is an absolute turn on! Mike and Rachel work in the same office and they are dating. It is a secret. Mike is a manager while Rachel is a junior. Many employees are suspicious about their relationship but they always deny it and manage to successfully change the topic whenever it comes up. Mike always has a poker face on while at work but Rachel cannot help but throw him a few smiles and kisses from time to time when no one is looking…or so she thinks. How long do you think their relationship will last before the entire office finds out about it? Do you think it will affect their work?

Office romance is extremely tricky! The moment people find out or even suspect that Mike and Rachel are romantically linked, they start to question their professionalism. In this case they are likely to be suspicious about Rachel as a junior. Did she get the job because they are dating? Was her performance appraisal really fair or was he biased? If Rachel was to get a promotion many would most likely conclude that it is Mike who ensured that she did, even though her work may be good. That is the problem with office romance. Somehow people tend to focus more on the negative and they even overlook the fact that one may be very good at their job. Rachel starts being referred to as “Mike’s girlfriend” and not “the hardworking go-getter in the marketing department”, for example.

In addition to that a strain is put on the relationship because Mike becomes suspicious about the men who stare  and smile at Rachel as she passes by; something that could have meant nothing if he did not witness it every day at the workplace. It makes him become over protective. He starts making sure he drops her at work, goes for lunch with her, leaves the office at the same time as her…all to make sure these “vultures” do not prey on his lady. Rachel, on the other hand, becomes extremely irritated by Mike’s fellow female manager who always seems to stand too close and laugh too hard at his jokes. Eventually she says, “I don’t like her Mike, stay away from her as much as possible”…A trust issue brought about by working together. Then when they go home they have nothing to talk about because they have been together ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

A little advice when it comes to office romance: AVOID AVOID AVOID! It is too risky. It is only likely to work out if the two are the owners of the company in which case the employees have no say in the matter.

There are several other suitable potential partners in other offices!

  1. True, office romance is very complicated, it is just best if one avoids it, it can even end up with one losing their employment, i watched a friend end up this way.

  2. Very nice piece, beautifully written. I’m thinking though, whether or not to date at the work place depends on the circumstances.

    Think about an auditor who works 16 hrs a day 6days a week, and spends his pass time solving trial balances. His only conctact with humanity is at the work place… 🙁

    On a more serious note now, as they say “mapenzi ni kama nyasi, humea popote.” If the bug bites and the “bitees” are in different departments go for it! If otherwise, one can consider switching jobs. After all, marriage is as much an investment as a career, if not greater.

    1. Hi AK! Thank you for your comment. It is true that some jobs are demanding and one may require to stay in the office for much longer than the regular 8 hours a day. Yes it would be preferable if your suitable mate works in a different department but it would even be better if they worked in another office. In such a case it would be best if one could find a partner who probably has a crazy schedule as well, perhaps another auditor(in another firm), doctor, pilot?…someone who is likely to understand the need to work late hours. & All will be fine and dandy.

      Yes true love is hard to find but stop looking for it in the workplace:-)

  3. At the end of the day you have to keep your professionalism. Do not mix your professional life with your personal life. It always ends badly. Besides, there are plenty of people you can date that don’t work with you

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