The thin line between lovers and friends

Gentlemen, are you aware that you are a part of some ladies’ “potential husbands” list?

Ladies, are you aware that there are a bunch of men waiting for your boyfriend to mess up so that they can be your knight in shining amour in your time of ‘need’? In fact, I hear that all your male friends want to sleep with you. Some may act on this desire by trying to woo you, others may not, but they all WANT to!

Here’s my point:

There are certain physical boundaries that one cannot cross and certain conversations that should be avoided. There are certain dress codes that are forbidden and certain pictures that should be discarded.

You see, by the time you have decided to be in a committed relationship, you need to cancel your long list of ‘potentials’ and give your best to your current relationship. The problem with keeping others around “just in case” or “just for fun” is that it is a dangerous game that often leads to no good. Keeping interested parties close by shows a level of mistrust in your relationship. It is like saying:

“I know this will eventually fail so I may as well get a back-up plan now”


Oh and ladies and gentlemen, stop raising the hopes of those poor guys and girls who you know all too well are interested in you! You string them along yet you know that you would never give them a chance. You know he would not walk you home every day if he didn’t like you. You know she would not laugh at all your terrible jokes if she didn’t like you. I know the attention is nice but, Stop stringing them along! STOP!


Yes yes I know that there is no certainty that the relationship will last forever but I am a firm believer of putting your best foot forward in EVERYTHING that you do; EVERYTHING! & that includes relationships.

So watch your language, your dress code and your actions with friends

Make that thin line a little thicker


  1. hey pendotalk.. i damn love this blog…just wish u can increase size of font by one or two units…

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