The End

I thought that the best post for me to begin with is the end. I have learnt a lot from reading some of the works of Aristotle. Thank goodness for the ethics unit I did in my first semester of third year!

One of the things that stood out for me is Aristotle’s constant mention of ‘the end’. You see as human beings, by nature, all our actions are directed towards a particular end goal. This brings me to the importance of purpose in a relationship.

When you enter into a relationship, what is the end goal? Am guessing marriage. When you enter into a marriage, what is your end goal? Am guessing making your spouse the happiest they can be. Everything we do is done for a reason. It therefore doesn’t make sense to enter into a relationship without having that purpose in mind. Know what you are aiming for and discuss it with your potential partner then you can move on to have a fulfilling relationship with the certainty that it has a purpose!

There is always a risk involved. A chance that things may not go as planned. Personally whenever I enter into a relationship I always think, “This is it. This is the guy I am going to marry” only to learn the sad reality a year or two later that that was never going to happen. I have decided to be laying down my goals from the very beginning. I think everyone should do the same. It elliminates a lot of time wasters along the way. As for those who claim their purpose for dating is “just fun”, be careful! Many girls enter relationships knowing that the guy was only looking for fun but unfortunately, they end up falling in love with a guy who can barely pronounce their middle name.

So I repeat, lay down your relationship goals from the very beginning. Real goals!

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