Pendotalk’s founder is one of Kenya’s top 40 under 40 women!

Habari! Salut! Ciao! Hi!

The 7th of August 2015 will always be a very memorable day for me. I woke up nice and early and headed to work. On my way, I spotted the picture of my former university classmate on a huge billboard on Mbagathi way. I was so excited to quickly post on our Whatsapp group: “Who has seen Fahad’s billboard on Mbagathi way? Go Fahad! Looking good man.”  Shortly after my friend commented that she had spotted someone else’s picture, mine, in the newspaper. I was so surprised! I knew I had been nominated as a potential candidate because I had received a phone call about nominated candidates from the media but I must admit that it was quite a pleasant surprise to actually have been chosen as one of the Top 40 under 40 women in Kenya! Moreover, it felt like an even bigger achievement when I realized that out of 367 nominees, including CEOs and top entrepreneurs, I was chosen as one of the top 40.



I am so grateful to Pendotalk readers for nominating me. I am also very grateful to my interviewees! Thank you for inspiring others with your love stories. Special thanks: To BAKE(Bloggers Association of Kenya) for providing a platform for all Kenyan bloggers to showcase their work, conducting training sessions and giving national awards to recognize bloggers’ efforts. To Esther Kinuthia (aka Miss Independent) for inspiring me to start blogging on a random afternoon while we were swimming. To Pauline Opanga, Pendotalk’s very first subscriber, thanks for believing in me way before the world knew Pendotalk! To  Fiona Okadia (owner of Amira Africa) for your constant support and encouragement, Mbithe Nzomo for helping me with the technical issues on the blog,  Dr. Chris Hart for his collaboration, Dr.Jim Mcfie for being Pendotalk’s first interviewee and whose interview attracted thousands to Pendotalk, Strathmore university staff and students for your endless support and last but definitely not least, my pendo:-)

This recognition has come shortly after winning the Best new blog award which you can read about here.This recognition has proven to me one thing: Love always wins! Anything done out of passion will always yield sweet sweet fruit. It is hard to believe that this blog, which I started in January, is receiving such a overwhelming amount of recognition! THANK YOU, for reading my blog. Let us continue to spread the message of love all around the world! May the close to 40,000 Pendotalk VIEWS reach above 4,000,000!(Ahem…I need to let you know that there’s a difference between views and readers and sometimes the two are often confused so let me just clarify that here: Pendotalk has close to 40,000 views but an unknown number of readers…).


I am extremely determined to make Pendotalk international. More importantly, I aim to make a huge impact that makes the world a better place by improving harmony among people of all different backgrounds and beliefs through “Pendo_411” & “Pendotalk interviews”. Furthermore, I will keep promoting the true beauty of an African woman through my “Embrace Your African” category (Ladies, Stop Bleaching yourselves, you are beautiful!) I also want to facilitate  environmental conservation and community outreach activities through Pendotalk’s “Spreading the love” category. I welcome you to assist me  in every step of the way. Let’s change the world together:-)

These few, simple words by the great legend Bob Marley give a  summary of what Pendotalk is all about:

“ONE love, ONE heart . . .Let’s get together and feel all right”  

  1. Congratulations and well done!

    You have inspired so many including myself to dream big and spread the love.

    Truly, love wins!


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