Online couple counselling

A major trend in counselling and coaching is the move towards holding sessions online.

Partly this is being driven by convenience for the client. No more hectic journeys across town to a therapist’s office, and the consequent saving of time and stress. Timing is also more flexible as therapists are able to work outside office hours online.

The trend is also due in part to globalisation. Clients are able to choose from a wider range of therapists, and can continue to use their preferred therapist while they’re travelling for business or pleasure, or after a relocation.

Above all though the biggest single reason is that once they’ve tried it, clients love online sessions. Online video or audio feels very intimate and comfortable, and online clients give very good feedback, for example many say they feel more relaxed and better able to discuss difficult issues. Most call from home, but many call from their office or a coffeeshop or hotel – and a surprising number call from their car!

So if you are looking for a counsellor or coach, do give an online session a try, I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

And of course you won’t be surprised to hear that I hold all my counselling and coaching sessions online.

The best technology for this is mobile to mobile video: Skype, WhatsApp etc. All that’s needed is a smartphone and the WhatsApp or Skype app and a good internet connection, either WiFi or mobile data. Other clients prefer FaceTime (on the iPhone), others use their PC, and some prefer audio only.

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