No shame in public breastfeeding

I fail to understand why public breastfeeding is even an issue to be debated on. We have leaders becoming more corrupt by the minute, quack doctors harming patients, domestic violence in homes, rampant cases of infidelity. Even worse, we have “socialites” showing off their body parts to gain fame. These socialites have several people gladly following them on social media and buying their make-up brands and hair extensions. But somehow, the breastfeeding mum is the evil one. Why are we debating about the issue of a MOTHER FEEDING HER CHILD?

This is a non-issue. Any reasonable person who has witnessed a hungry baby wailing continuously out of hunger will be quick to tell the mother “please feed your baby”, or as I have commonly heard in Kenyan public places “mama, nyonyesha mtoto”. Breastfeeding is the child’s right and there is no specific “appropriate place” where to feed your child, it is anywhere and everywhere. It is with or without having that shawl to cover up (it makes the baby sweat too much anyway while breastfeeding). So mamas, do not be apologetic about breastfeeding your children.

I have to commend public figures who have advocated for public breastfeeding. My all-time favourite is Australian senator Larissa Waters who put forward a motion on black lung disease while breastfeeding her baby daughter Alia in the Australian chamber of parliament. Ah someone make this lady president!

Big up to other Kenyan and international celebrities advocating for public breastfeeding. Size 8, Janet Mbugua, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Pink, etc. My wish for 2019 is that before they year ends, society will accept and praise the act of a mother nurturing their child in public.

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