No definition

No definition

I have written down the reasons why I love you and filled pages and pages. I have tried to define our love but all in vain.Can one truly find sufficient and appropriate words to describe such a love?
A love so transparent you cannot hide it
A love  so deep you always feel it
A love so adventurous you cannot explain it
A love that brings out the best in me, and the best in you.
A love that keeps on giving and never takes away
I found love with you, and no other love can do.
I love you
I love you
Don’t you hear me? I love…YOU
A love so fragile it does not want to say goodbye
A love so empathetic it does not want to see you cry
A love that wants to set you free
A love that has to let you be you, without me.


This poem was inspired by love and a song- Major:Why I love you

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Pendotalk is all about love. It seeks to inspire healthy relationships and to encourage actions that show love for the community. It brings out its message in words, pictures and visuals because love has many languages.

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