My birth story

Becoming and being a mother has 3 stages, each with its own unique experiences and challenges. The first is pregnancy, the second is labour and delivery & the third, is raising the child. On this post about my birth story I’ll talk about my experience in the second stage: labour and delivery.
I was very active all through my pregnancy. Walking, dancing, washing clothes, cleaning…so my labour started early and without pain. It was a regular working day and I left the office at lunch time to go see my doctor like I usually did. The visit was the same, & neither of us suspected that I had dilated but my doctor checked anyway. To our surprise, I was 4cm dilated! So I went for a scan to make sure the baby’s position was ok and then the doctor told me we would most likely meet again at night to deliver the baby. He told me to go home and said if I felt any pain, I rush to the hospital.
So I went home,had dinner and slept just like normal days. I called my sister to stay with us for the night since I had selected her as my labour partner.  By midnight I hadn’t felt any pain, I continued sleeping. At 1 am…still nothing. I asked my sister what she thought and she said she felt like we should go to hospital. So I called my doctor to ask him. He suggested that since when he checked my cervix it was paper thin, it was much safer for me to be in the hospital. So I prepared for hospital, made a very early breakfast and headed to hospital.
In the hospital I just thought they would check if I had dilated any further and then send me back home if I hadn’t since I was not in any pain. However, they said I had to be admitted for them to check. So I was officially admitted in hospital, they checked and confirmed I was still 4cm dilated and I was taken to my bed in the labour ward.More than 4 hours passed and things were still the same. I could hear other women wailing in labour pain. I felt like I was wasting time and money in hospital and should be discharged.  I asked for a nurse’s advice and she suggested I walk up and down the nearby stairs 5 times to induce labour. I went up and down those stairs like 20 times and still nothing! By now it was heading to noon. My doctor passed by and said that since my cervix was paper thin, it was not safe for me to stay too long without further dilation. So he broke my water with his finger! This took about 2 seconds and thereafter….PAIN!!!
I honestly can not quite remember what exactly the pain felt like (you tend to forget after you see your baby), but I just know it was really painful! I was with my sister and I was hitting her as I breathed deep breathes in and out. She had advised me not to scream so that I can save energy for pushing during delivery. So I controlled my pain through deep breathes and pushing and punching my sister (I still don’t know how I can possibly thank her for putting up with me!) Finally when the pain was too intense, I shouted at her insisting that she calls the doctor and when she didn’t listen I quickly pushed the emergency button to call the nurses and told them to call my doctor at once. So my doctor came and checked and I was  7cm dilated…then after a short while, I was the full 10cm dilated and ready for delivery. The nurses went to get a wheel chair to push me to the delivery room but I felt they were wasting time and I walked myself into the delivery room! (I was quite a stubborn patient so I have to say thank you to all those patient nurses at Nairobi hospital 🙂 ).
Then came time to push!!!! I was in the delivery room for about an hour trying to push over and over. At some point I wanted to give up and just do a C-section. At this point I prayed and then decided this was my last try at natural birth. I pushed with all my might & there he was, the most handsome boy in the world was born. Oh! So precious. I thought “It’s all over”…oh but it was just beginning. The beginning of the most emotional but fulfilling roller coaster ride called motherhood!
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