Meeting The Ex

I always had a dramatic scene in my head about what it would be like to meet my ex, not one of the “other exes” but “the ex”, you know what I mean? The one who you fell head over heels for and was practically considered part of his family and when you broke up it was almost like you were breaking up with the entire family? Yes that ex! So in my head I knew it would start with a stare, and then a slap, and then many questions like why? And how could you? But that wasn’t at all how it all played out when we finally met again.

There was absolutely no drama or awkward moments, just usual and enjoyable conversation. Of course all the questions I wanted to ask were ringing in my head the whole time, but I thought it would do me no use asking them. After all I had no intentions of going backwards, as in, dating him again. So I mentioned anything and everything except any key words that would bring up awkward moments. And then he said it, actually, he said all the dreaded words which were flashing bright and red with the warning sign “DO NOT GO THERE!” But he just had to go there. Classic me, I totally ignored it all.

Eventually we got to talk about everything and I truly respect the guy and I think that is one of the friends that I shall treasure for a lifetime.

You see, I think it is necessary for people to get closure but there is a time and a place.

Get closure at the right time!

When you’re still emotional about the matter it may not be the right time. It should be when you are calm and collected and strong enough to be able to handle whatever truth that may be revealed. If one seeks closure when they are still hurting the answers that they receive may disappoint or break them. & after we get that closure, remember, this is an ex, there’s a type of friendship that you just cannot have with an ex. It is unfair to your partner or spouse(or future partner or spouse) and also unfair to yourself! Let’s not overdo this whole ‘friends with the ex’ thing and everything will be fine and dandy.

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