Ask Chris Hart: Learning to Trust Again


I am currently in a relationship and my boyfriend is wonderful! He listens to me and makes me feel special.

However, my last relationship started just as well as this one but had a nasty ending. I have a hard time learning how to trust again. I feel like I should not set my hopes up too high because I will be disappointed…again.

I do not want my mistrust to affect my relationship. What can I do?


Chris Hart says:


There’s no shortcuts to developing trust. Set your expectations very high, say them out loud to your boyfriend, and then make sure they’re being met. For example, make it clear that you expect complete honesty in the relationship. Promises that are kept. No flakey behaviour. Complete monogamy. And so on…

Do that, successfully, and you’ll soon trust again. Or he’ll let you down quickly, and at least you haven’t wasted too much time!


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