Le Cleric’s Truth

Le Cleric is the founder of BOGOF (Being Only Great of Finesse)- an event that is held at the Hilton. It promotes the arts and music in Kenya. Singers, rappers, spoken word artists, & photographers showcase amazing talent at the event.

He is an open and sincere guy and was not afraid to answer some of the questions that many girls often ask about relationships. Here’s what he had to say:

What do I do when he doesn’t reply my texts?
Seem disinterested. It adds value, believe me. Do not be that ‘good’ person who responds to a suitor fast. RELAX!

How do I know if the relationship is real?
Build a bond and then build everything else on that. DEMAND respect from yourself and from him. Anything else is lust and will not last.

I think I love him??!
Oh boy! Love? Do not let your hormones decide for you. You like him, period. Someone gives you a reason to love, not ideas in your head kiddo. CHILL!

I want to dump him. I want to be free…
Is “freedom” more important than discovering what could be? First be sure about what you want were it any guy and if you don’t know, call the whole thing off.

On a side note… but related note, Le Cleric says that “Music is the best channel of human emotion. By refusing to acknowledge that we refuse to acknowledge our own emotion. There’s a song for every conceivable emotion and by refusing to acknowledge this we refuse to acknowledge our own emotion; our own humanity.”

Find his music on the Facebook page, Le Cleric Music.

For more informatiom about BOGOF go to the Facebook page, The BOGOF, Being only Great of Finesse.

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