Affordable ideas for Valentines in Kenya!

Many people have been scratching their heads about what they can do for Valentines this year. Here are a few ideas:

Going Out…

Weekend getaway.

There are several wonderful places you can visit locally (in Kenya) including Naivasha or Nakuru. My friends and I visited a place called Lake Oloiden in Naivasha during the December holidays and they have a very beautiful scenery and offer an affordable package.


Watch a play

Kenya has lots of talent! Choose a  play that will be showing on Valentines day and entertain your loved one with a funny or romantic play.

KICC Rooftop

You can never visit the KICC rooftop enough times. & if you have never done so, this is the perfect opportunity to do so! The view of Nairobi from the KICC rooftop is breathtaking. It would be a nice time to give thanks for all you have, including your relationship. & maybe even share a kiss as you overlook Nairobi city.

Visit the national museum

The museum has been renovated and has become a popular spot for couples. You can go into the museum and see Kenya’s historical artefacts or have a picnic in the compound. They also have a lovely coffee shop where you can have lunch.


Bike riding in Karura forest

Karura forest is yet another place with a brilliant scenery! Trees, Rivers, a waterfall, lakes… it is always a great spot to visit. You can carry your own bikes or hire some at the venue and ride around the forest. You can also have a picnic near the waterfall.

Horse riding

I have never ridden a horse before so I am not too sure if it is the best idea but it looks like lots of fun! You can always create many special memories from your first horse ride if you have never done it before. The Ngong race course offers horse riding services.

Stay home…

Breakfast in bed

Starting the day on a high note will always give you extra points! Give your loved one a simple but thoughtful breakfast (maybe you can put a flower on the side).

Cook a spectacular meal

You can do more than just breakfast and make a 3 to 5 course meal. Buy a new recipe book, call your grandma or Google to make sure everything turns out just right!


Gift ideas…


The clichés: A watch or a wallet of good quality. Every man needs this and he will definitely appreaciate it.

Not so cliché: Something for his car! Men LOVE their cars. Find out something that he has been meaning to buy for his car and surprise him with it this Valentines.

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Completely out of the box:  You can give him “tickets” to go and watch sports with his friends whenever he wants! So you make 10 tickets and give him. When he wants to watch the game, he hands over a ticket and leaves. No permission required even if he was meant to visit your mother that day (Oops!)He will definitely love this gift!…But don’t worry the tickets run out.

OR…Give him empty favour tickets. He can fill the tickets with whichever favour he wants at any time.


The clichés: Flowers and chocolates. I have never heard any woman complaining about being given flowers or chocolates! In fact, for a woman who loves chocolates, just consider it a safe gift for any occasion.

Not so cliché:

Something for her kitchen: Women like their kitchen, even those who do not cook often. Buy for her something new for her kitchen. It could be new cookaware, maasai-beaded cooking spoons, an apron with a sweet message or go big with a dishwasher!  Chances are, you will also benefit from this gift!

Something to wear: Buy for her a dress or a pair of shoes or both! This is your chance to pick out something you have always wanted to see her wearing.

Completely out of the box: This one is similar to the guy’s gift above. Non-monetary gifts are always very special so I always include them in my list of gift ideas! So, you can give her cleaning or cooking vouchers that she will use whenever she is tired and needs a break! Once she chooses to use her vouchers, you jump up and get scrubbing! (Or frying) 🙂


The day is almost here so start planning!



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