Ideas for those staying in Nairobi this Christmas

As I was planning our family holiday trip to Mwanza I started imagining how it would be travelling with an 8 month old boy. First of all, the journey by bus is quite long and I imagine he would get quite tired an irritable. Secondly, I cannot give him hotel food which means I need to have a way to be able to cook his food. Thirdly I need to sterilize his cups, plates & bottles. Fourth, I am terrified about him getting unwell especially while out of the country where we cannot easily contact our usual doctor. Considering all these complexities, I decided there is no way we are traveling out of the country for holiday. So what could we do as a family this holiday? I did some research and got some ideas:

  • Being a foodie and with all the new restaurants coming up, one could go out with the family to eat. Some nice family restaurants are:
  1. Zen Garden: a wonderful outdoor ambience for the family with great vibes
  2. Carnivore: Great food, drinks and playground for the children
  3. The traditional Galitos/creamy inn/pizza inn: The most common family outing place for all families in Nairobi
  4. The village market food court: Smell the fresh air as you choose from a variety of cuisines while listening to a live band on Sundays
  5. The Spur: The pork ribs are heaven and definitely worth a night out!
  6. For You: Wide variety of Chinese food in a nice garden environment
  7. Big Square: & they have branches across Nairobi so you can probably find them not too far from your home
  8. Two Rivers Mall: The older kids are likely to enjoy the activities at Two Rivers mall for sure
  • Eating in

Sometimes the hustle of dressing up, sitting in traffic, finding a restaurant full or bad service makes the idea of going out to eat sound miserable. You can avoid all this by ordering in your food (There are a number of food deliveries out there. Personally, I use instameal because they are the only ones who seem to deliver to our location)

Enjoy your meal in your pajamas over a nice hearty conversation with your spouse about next year’s plans.

  • Board games

This is a good one not only during the holidays but any time you are looking for something to do indoors as a family. Bring out your favourite board games and have fun competing as baby plays around with some of the pieces (keep the small pieces out of bounds for them of course)

  • Decorating, Art and craft

Decorating Christmas trees is one of my favourite holiday traditions! We used to put up the Christmas tree and put all sorts of decorations and Christmas cards on it. We even had those long shiny decoration strips which read “Merry Christmas” which we would hang up at our front door. Decorating is such a wonderful Christmas tradition for any family. It is an excellent way to bond and have fun.

Art and craft can also be fun. As a family you can decide what you will make: Christmas cards for family, painted plates & glasses, “home-made” paintings…so much you could do!

  • Concerts and carols

Call your friends and family to join you as you sing to lovely Christmas carols or go out and listen to the Redfourth chorus choir as the perform at various Nairobi malls


Happy Holidays from all of us at Pendotalk!

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