ICT MASHINANI: Because the youth in Kenya’s rural areas deserve it!

The level of enthusiasm of the youth in Kenya is just refreshing. Don’t you agree? There is a group of undergraduates from Nairobi who recently embarked on a mission in Bungoma to provide mentorship to the youth.They are:Chrispinus Mandela, Joyce Rotich,Vincent Wabwoba and Catherine Wangwe.

As they were conducting this mentorship programme, something caught their attention. The girls did not have sanitary towels. They also realized that some of the students they mentored have actually never seen a computer in their lives, ever! In a world where everything is driven by computers, this is disastrous. These are the same youth who are supposed to remain relevant in a highly competitive, man eat man society.  How will they keep up to date? How will they become tomorrow’s leaders if they have no idea how operate a basic CRT computer? Take a few seconds to appreciate how lucky you are, because without a smart phone, laptop or desktop computer you would not even be able to read this post right now.

Ok, enough with the negative. Every cloud has a silver lining! The group of mentors have decided to do something about this situation. They have started a campaign called ‘Nipe Sauti Africa’ to raise 20 computers by February 2016. They  have promised their mentees that they will go back to the schools not only with the computers, but also sanitary towels.

Guess what else? With all this going on, amazingly and luckily, MPESA Foundation is running a sponsorship project. The project with the highest votes will be awarded  Ksh. 100,000. Nipe sauti’s project “ICT Mshinani”, is taking part. Let us join hands in support our brothers and sisters at Bungoma by simply voting. They are not asking for money, they are only asking for votes! VOTE NOW:-) It is just a click away.


You can also donate any computers and sanitary towels. To do this please contact one of the project founders, Chrispinus Mandela on (+254) 0702 741898.

You can also read more abut them online here: Facebook| Website

Please get in touch 🙂

*Lets get sanitary towels & computers to our brothers & sisters in Bungoma

“It always seems impossible until done”  Mandela

  1. Thanks a lot Pendotalk for publishing this article on your blog. Unless we initiate change in the community no one will. Please join us as we take ICT to rural areas. Together we can

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