Doctors’ & Pilots’ spouses: Married but Lonely

Doctors are our everyday heroes who are never appreciated enough. They cannot work regular hours because there are always patients who need them at unpredictable times.Unfortunately, illnesses cannot wait for a certain appointment time, neither do they take holidays. So doctors receive calls while on their honeymoons, family vacations, romantic dinners, etc and because they are heroes..truly, they are…they will not hesitate to attend to their needy patients. A doctor’s partner, if not in the same line of work, ends up going for their children’s concerts, parents’ meetings, fundraising, etc alone. While the work of a doctor is extremely necessary and admirable, it can make their partners very lonely.

Pilots also have crazy work schedules. They may not work as much as doctors do, because in a month they might only work for 15 days, but most of the other days are spent in crash pads and hotels. & since we all like to travel for the holidays, pilots have to work during these holidays to get us to our exotic destinations. It is rare for them to spend holidays with their families

download (1)Well, doctors and pilots are just examples of those with professions with crazy working schedules.There are a number of other professions like chefs and international journalists. In addition to the crazy working hours, these people also have an overwhelming amount of pressure. Their jobs impact thousands of people in one way or another. The result of this is that they may not always be the most pleasant people to be around. While their partners may be eager waiting for them to get home so that they can spend quality time together, they may only want to sleep the entire time they are home or to put their feet up and watch television.




Absolutely! The heart wants what the heart wants. That’s what makes love so beautiful, it is able to overcome all the hardships. However, get into the marriage being fully aware of the circumstances. Do not expect your partner to magically have extra time after you get married or after you have a child. It will get tough, and sometimes you will feel lonely. So here’s my advice: Either become a doctor/pilot yourself or GET BUSY! Start a charity foundation or get a time consuming job …whatever it takes to prevent you from feeling lonely especially after the children are old enough to go to school. Most importantly, learn to be UNDERSTANDING and always remember that your partner has a GREAT CALLING and you are in their lives to help them succeed in their calling, not bring them down.

  1. I took a great interest in this article. It is an excellent read. I am just wondering whether getting busy/a time consuming job for the other party would be ideal in raising up a family

    1. Hi Enock! Thank you for your comment. It is true that if both parties have demanding careers then the children may suffer. That is why I suggested looking for something to keep busy after the children go to school. The idea here is that the other party would have something to do during those hours while the children are in school, something that is not too routine.But yes I get your point that if both are, for example, doctors, then it may actually be a problem. I guess in such a case it depends on the type of doctor one is. One could switch to have their own practice in a less demanding and partly predictable specialization in medicine

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