Chris Hart shares with Pendotalk the shocking truth about valentines and gives sexy tips for the love month

St Valentine’s Day.
Was there actually a St Valentine?

Well in fact there were three! Though no one’s too sure which of them gave his name to the day. It was probably a third century Christian priest who lived in Rome while Claudius the Second was emperor. Claudius had decreed that because the army needed more recruits, no young men were allowed to get married! Not a popular decision…
…and so Valentine – or Valens, Valentius or Valentinian, we’re not quite sure what his exact name was – started performing marriages in secret. Of course Claudius got to hear and chucked him into jail. And while he was there, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, and sent her secret love letters signed ‘From your Valentine.’ Valentine is believed to have been executed on February 14, 270, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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The real story, of course is more basic. The pagan Romans already celebrated the Feast of the Lupercalia on the 14th February. It was a real orgy, and part of the celebration was for women to write love letters and leave them in a large urn. Roman men would each draw a note from the urn and pursue the woman who had written the letter.Fortunately, most of what went on at Lupercalia has not survived into the present day. Because it also involved running through the streets stark naked and lots more besides. And so, as the Roman Empire became Christian, Lupercalia was banned, and the idea of St Valentine’s Day gradually took it’s place.But however it started, there really is something special about St Valentine’s Day, isn’t there? So how can you make the best of every romantic minute – all day?

( We know that Valentines this year has passed, but who says romantic gestures should only be done once a year? Pendotalk says: choose a random day, or several days, and make them special for your loved one. Like we learnt from Caesar and Anne’s beautiful marriage, everyday should be like Valentines day with the one you love 🙂

For the tips below, we advise this for special days with your  ONE sweetheart who you are committed to(preferably married to), yes we said it, MARRY HER if you want such days filled with…sweet somethings 🙂 )

Back to Chris Hart↓

Well what about wearing nothing but his shirt while you’re having breakfast. It’s a look that blends the vulnerable with the tough – and men find it completely irresistible. He’ll be thinking of you all day. Or catch an early riser. Men’s bits tend to be at their best first thing in the morning, so take advantage of him as he’s waking up. But keep things brief – and incomplete. Then rush off to work with a shy smile. The unfinished business will be on his mind for the rest of the day – so you can be sure of some passion in the evening…
It’s a good day to act out of character too. If you usually greet each other with a peck on the cheek, try a more sensual kiss for a change. Or if you mostly hold hands during an evening, wriggle your fingers into the front pockets of his jeans instead. The entire night will be different…
In fact, use your best come-hither body language all evening. Subtly draw attention to the parts of your body that you know he loves the most. It could just as easily be an earlobe. Just touch them occasionally or lay your fingers over them. Mirror his movements. Hold his gaze and leave your arms unfolded. It’ll tell him that you’re willing and receptive. Your gestures won’t register on a conscious level – but he’ll certainly remember them later… And all without a single sexy word being exchanged.
And try being bad. If you really want St Valentine’s Night to go with a bang, surprise your lover by telling him you’ve been a naughty girl and deserve a good spanking. A little fantasy role-playing is guaranteed to bring the shine into your eyes on such a special night. Actually, working on your fantasies is a good idea at any time. Most of us have a set that we dip into when we’re feeling sexy. But most of us stop looking for new ones after a while. So is it any wonder that they get a bit stale? Start re-investing today. Work up a few new sexy story-lines and enjoy the dividends.
And guys, what can can you suggest to turn up the temperature? Well, the thought of showering or bathing together turns most ladies on. Ever since Robert Redford washed Meryl Streep’s hair in ‘Out of Africa’, women have loved the idea of a lover who’s good with soap and water.
And vary the pace. If you’re usually soft and sensitive, show your masterful side for a change. If leisurely foreplay is generally your thing, go for broke instead. Jumble up the sequence of your foreplay. Most couples fall into fairly predictable patterns during their build-up. So change the order and add some new elements to the sequence, such as a lower-back massage or an earlobe nibble.
Want to be a bit unpredictable? Then write a list together the night before. Of every sexual adventure you’re prepared to have a go at. Anything at all. From deep kisses to the truly outrageous. Cut the list up into individual pieces and stuff all the slips of paper into a sock. In another, put the names of every room in your house, and all the surfaces you can conceivably exploit – tables, chairs, stairs, the spare bed, the shower, piles of clothes, sacks of unga, the car… Then take turns picking a slip from each sock and follow the instructions. And carry a cushion! One under your bum can quite transform the missionary position – and can be used anywhere. Bed, floor, table, even the bonnet of your car!


And of course, this year February is an especially romantic month. Not just St Valentine’s Day – but Leap Year’s Day too. You do remember what that means, don’t you? The 29th of February is the one day, every four years, when it’s traditional for women to propose to men. So watch out guys!

This article was written by Chris Hart. You can read Pendotalk’s interview with Chris Hart about his marriage here

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      The history of St.Valentines is surprisingly unknown to many so we were glad to share the knowledge. & yes Chris always has great out of the box ideas!

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