Bachelors and Spinsters

I hear many people complaining about being single saying that all they need is the right person to come along for them to be fully happy. Some people tend to look down on single people as if they have a problem. They say “It is because she does not cook” or “It is because he drinks too much”, yet we know that there are drunkard husbands and wives who cannot cook to save their lives out there.

I wonder, What exactly is wrong with being single???

I think people should stop making it sound like being single is the worst thing ever because this tends to lead some into unhealthy relationships. I have experienced the fear of being alone before and it made me remain in an unhealthy relationship for far too long. When I finally let go, I first thought of jumping straight into another relationship. Thanks to my loving and supportive family I realized I had all the support I needed at the time. This enabled me to learn more about myself, grow as a person and I got to add a number of things to my list of achievements. Of course the guys keep knocking on one’s door, but we need to be careful not to enter a relationship when we are not ready. Think about it like this, if you jump from one relationship to another you are still the same let’s say…

Likes chocolates and ice cream
Dislikes watermelons

Unlike if you take your time to grow as a person before you enter another relationship where you become…

Secretary, Business owner, singer & songwriter
Likes reading novels, site seeing, chocolates and ice cream
Dislikes long distance journey and watermelons

You become a more admirable and desirable individual because of the ability to achieve what you wanted on your own. With this kind of attitude, dating later will then be less messy because you know what you want and set standards from day one.

Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with being single!



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