A letter from a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS lady

Dear society,

I am a slender, dark skinned girl and I love my natural hair. I am beautiful.

I have a few questions for you though:

Why are all the black women in music videos wearing weaves? Why do these women try so hard to make their hair look like that of a white woman? Don’t they realize that there is BEAUTY in DIVERSITY?weaves

Why is it that whenever I edit my pictures on social media to make me look lighter I get many more likes then when I upload my natural, unedited pictures?

Why do all our advertisements have light skinned or chocolate brown women? Will I ever see a very dark skinned lady being the face of a beauty product? & I am not talking about those lotion advertisements where the woman is half naked

Why do some mothers bleach their daughters’ skin from a young age to make them look lighter? They say that it will make their lives easier, so would all my problems be greatly reduced if I bleach myself too? & how comes they do not bleach their sons too?


Why is there a preference of light skinned women to dark skinned ones? Do they love better?

Why are there so many songs bashing slim women? If the idea is to make plus size women proud, shouldn’t we celebrate all sizes of women instead of making it a competition against each other? Why are women ALWAYS competing and not supporting each other?



Why do we praise and imitate celebrities who have fake breasts, butts and bleached skin? Is this our idea of a “beautiful black woman”?

 Did you know 77% of Nigerian women use skin lighteners? Did you also know that most of our skin products are actually skin lighteners?

To all the ladies rocking their beautiful, natural hair: I applaud you!

To all the slim girls: rock that small waist! Silicon is neither safe nor attractive!

To all the dark skinned ladies, you are beautiful!



  1. hahaha I love this funny how i fall in all category.


    did you think of me as you wrote this? :p

  2. That’s true. There’s is a preference to light skin ladies. My opinion is that beauty is only skin deep, character is what defines a person.
    Ladies accept yourselves as you are.

    1. Acceptance and appreciation! It is important women realize that there is not only ONE kind of beauty like the media portrays:light skinned, big hips but small waist, long hair(weave), etc but that our differences is what women such a magnificent creation!

  3. Having long hair is a standard of beauty that has been formed by the media and has encouraged black women to define themselves by that standard. Mostly lower socioeconomic black women who do not know the beauty of their natural hair

    1. The media definitely portray such hair to be what is considered to be attractive, but I do not think it is the lower socioeconomic black women who have this problem

  4. The truth is that women are becoming more and more like men: very competitive. Let’s not kid ourselves that there would be no market for fake boobs, butts and light skin products. Men want the dream, a fantasy girl, and this turn of events sadly has been fueled by the media

  5. Forget what everyone else is saying, most people are just into what’s trending. The problem is that our beauty standards are Euro centric. Black women are brought up looking at images that are called “beautiful” that look NOTHING like them! It is a white woman with flowing hair. Even where black women were presented as beautiful it is a black woman who is as close to European as possible, case in point, Beyonce. So this beauty standard is what we all take in and accept our lives by. So we perm our hair to straighten it and pray for length and do things that try and get that length & those of us who are dark feel pressure to make ourselves lighter to be “beautiful” because dark skin is considered inferior from the exact same standard.

    By the time an African woman cab begin to question this and see, by the time she can accept herself as she is…it takes a great journey of searching and self discovery!

    This is something that;s very close to my heart and that’s why I wear my hair natural. I love my dark skin and kinky hair and I feel good about myself!

    1. Thank you for sharing your sentiments Diana. I wish people did not take everything they see in the media or on celebrities as the standard to live by. If only we could embrace our differences instead of all trying to be the same! We are NOT and will never be the same and that is the beauty of God’s creation!

  6. Nice piece. It is so true. I also fall in every category. Natural is beauty.It’s about time black women stopped following what’s trending and embrace their true beauty.

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