A Bullet of Love… And I Died of Freedom

FEBRUARY: the month of love. I hope the chocolate lovers have given hints to their boyfriends the kind of chocolate they like, and for those men whose wallets are on a diet this month I hope you have hinted to your girlfriends that this year you want to be the one to spoiled. Most importantly, I hope that those in love aim to make their love grow and those who do not believe in love find it! True love exists!

This great poet goes by the name David Mwaura and he has a thing or two to say about love. Indeed men like these prove that chivalry is NOT dead!

Freedom is being formless
Freedom is being unbound
Like rays of light attacking the darkness
Like lightning attacking the open ground
Like smoke swirling in the air
No expectations from it
Just the power to simply be

Love is being a wind
Love is being a mad woman
Love is being an artist
For a wind blows in any direction unrestricted
And a mad woman does anything she wants
And no one shall question her
And the artist works his art
Regardless of the crowd’s opinion
The wind, the woman and the artist
Are unrestricted
They are…free

And she once told me
“No love without freedom”
And then
“No freedom without love”
A vicious cycle?
A catch 22 situation?
I always wondered

Be the light
Be the lightning
Be the smoke
Be the wind
Be a mad woman
Be an artist
Be free
Be in love.


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