5 statements you should NEVER tell your lady

Happy new year lovers! 2016 is going to be a great year for us at Pendotalk. We have lots of great interviews lined up for you!

Meanwhile, the holidays enabled most of us to spend quality time with our loved ones. It is always nice to be able to spend more time with those close to us, but any married couple knows that the more time you spend with someone sharing the same space, the more you realize the tiny, irritating things about them. So we thought we would start the year by advising the men on what they should make sure they never say to their lady. Hopefully we will find a gentleman who will provide the same kind of advice to women. Ladies, feel free to add anything else I may have missed out.

1) That girl is hot

Never tell your lady that you find another woman attractive. Yes she knows there are other beautiful women out there, but she believes that to you she is the most beautiful woman in the world. You know why? Probably because you told her that once upon a time when you were trying to ingiza her kwa box (‘woo her’) and women being women, they do not forget anything you tell them! Also, although you are allowed to take a quick glance at pretty lady who passes by (just as she is allowed to do the same when a fine man passes by), don’t get caught doing it!

2) I wish you cooked like…

She may not be able to fry an egg to save her life but don’t make the mistake of saying she is not a good cook or that you wish she cooked like your mum…sister…whatever. Women are sensitive about their food. You will need to either convince her family to buy her a good cook book or eat take-out for the rest of your life but DO NOT tell her she cannot cook.

3) Stop being petty

I’m going to admit something that women will not be happy about: ALL women are petty. We notice the tiniest things and remember the most meaningless conversations. No matter how annoying the silly issue she brings up may be, don’t call her petty.

4) You need to lose weight

NEVER, EVER, tell your lady anything that in any way suggests that she is fat. If she has gained weight and you want to help her lose it, be sly about it. Stop buying fatty foods for the house or maybe  tell her you want to start taking walks and ask her if she would like to keep you company.

5) Relax

The featured image explains this one. Saying “relax” makes her more angry than ever. Just hold her and say “Don’t worry me dear, everything is ok”

You see, women are not too complicated 🙂 

All the best gentlemen!




    1. Hi Albert, thank you for your comment.

      Yes please do keep these valuable points in mind:-)
      We will definitely do a post on the things women should never say to their men

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