5 signs he is wasting your time

We have all heard about those girlfriends who dated a man for 5 to 10 years and sometimes even had a child with him only for him to dump her and then marry another woman who he has only known for 3 months. This story is way too familiar, so how do women keep falling into the same trap? Here are 5 simple signs he is wasting your time

1.No family introductions and functions

Family introductions differ from one person to another. It depends on how one grew up and whether they have a good relationship with their family or not. If he appears to be close to his family and he is serious about you then he will definitely introduce you to them and invite you for their family functions. If not, he will have friends who he considers to be his ‘brothers’ and those are the people he will introduce you to. Oh, he will also be very eager to meet your family and spend time with them.

If he has not introduced you, does not invite you for family functions or has reduced the number of functions he invites you to over time, he is making it easy for himself when he lets you go.

2. He does not talk about marriage

A man knows within the first month of dating whether they want to marry you or not. In this case there are 2 types of men: the ones who will tell you from the beginning that they will marry you, & the ones who will wait a few months before they start talking about marriage.

3. He has not taken any actions towards marriage

Has he told your parents about his intentions to marry you? Set a date? Booked a church? Or at least started saving for it?

If he hasn’t done any of these despite having mentioned that he wants to marry you , he has no intention to.

4. He does not act like a husband

This is especially for those who met their boyfriends while they were going through the adventurous and experimental phase which probably includes a lot of partying and drinking. If he still acts like that, he is not anywhere close to ready. When a man is ready he becomes toned down and starts to save and invest more…because he is thinking about how to take care of his family. So if the entire time you’ve been with this guy he has been a party animal, leave him.

5. He just hasn’t done it!

If he wants to marry you, he will just do it! Plain and simple. It’s really not that complicated.



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