5 GREAT gifts for your partner that cost nothing!

Why should you spend so much money buying material things for your partner that either become obsolete, get spoiled or are forgotten after some time? Surprise your partner with one or all of these 5 gifts to give them experiences that they will never forget!

1) A song

Take the time to write a song for your sweetheart. Mention things you have done together in the song to make it sweet and funny. For instance, “Oh Njeri, gone are the days when you would give me a big smile with sukuma stuck in your teeth and I did’t know how to tell you”..well I don’t think I am much of a comedian here but cmon you know what I mean:-) A dance to make the performance more lively would be great!

It is always so sweet to see one making a fool out of themselves to make their partner happy.

2) Cook for them

I am aware that this may cost money because you need to buy ingredients but the simplest of meals will be ok. For the person who cooks least in the relationship, this is the time to let your partner sit back, relax and be pampered. The key is to be creative! You can make small ugali balls and arrange them in the shape of a heart, arrange carrot sticks to spell “I love you”…anything! No1 is asking for a gourmet meal.

3) Make a vision board

Vision: The act or power of anticipating that which will come to be. Making a vision board for your partner communicates 3 things:

i) You plan to be with them for the long term

ii) You value their dreams

iii) You want to help them achieve those dreams

Get magazines and newspapers and cut pictures for the vision board. Include things which your partner mentions often but that they have not yet been able to purchase or experience. It could be a journey to a foreign country, a dream car, healthy eating lifestyle,etc. You can also be a little cunning and include things that you know are about you! Like you can put a picture of yourself as the great husband or wife they long for if you are not yet married.


4) Make a memory book OR write a letter

To make a memory book what one needs is a plain book in which they can write about experiences you have shared together as a couple and also stick pictures. Your partner would love to see that you remember so many experiences you have shared. Another option is to write to your partner a letter. Written letters are more rare then jewels nowadays. Write a letter showing appreciation that for the little things that your partner does for you. You could tell them thank you for the great meal they cooked or for taking the kids to school all week, for example.

5) Take a trip, without leaving home!

This is yet another gift that requires a creative mind! Rearrange the furniture in the house and decorate it to make it feel like a place away from home. For example, You could create a “beach” in your sitting room by laying beach towels on the carpet, put a few rocks around for decoration, stand an umbrella in between two dining room chairs, make a nice cold beverage and then put up a simple sign that reads: ‘Welcome to Miami beach’! What a great way to make your partner feel relaxed and for the two of you to have some quality time.

What makes these gifts so great is that they require time, effort and a good level of understanding of your partner. This is way better than an expensive dress or a rolex watch! Right?

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