5 Afro Tips for ladies & gents

Hello! This goes out to all the men and women who would like to rock an afro! You can see Pendotalk’s afro beauties here: Silvia Mutua and daughter, Esther Kinuthia and Ory Okolloh.

Another afro beauty,Fyonah, has beautiful, voluminous and  well-moisturized kinky hair. You may also recognize her from Amira Africa, an organization which she founded which aims to motivate, elevate and encourage young mothers across the continent to run their race. Pendotalk caught up with her to find out how she maintains her kinky hair. Here are the 5 tips she shared with us

1) Use Black Silk


I love black silk products because it leaves my hair moisturized. It prevents having any situation where your hair feels hard and dry. So I use the shampoo, conditioner and treatment. The treatment has a very oily feel which leaves the hair moisturized.

2) Stop straightening your hair


I stopped straightening my hair a long time back because of the amount of heat that is used to straighten the hair. Heat makes hair weak! Previously, I used to blowdry my hair a lot. I noticed that it looked like relaxed hair at the tips and natural at the bottom which is not an attractive look. Make sure you tell your hairdresser to avoid “full blowdry” on your hair.

3) Treat your hair at home.

On one of those ‘me days’ when you are relaxed at home all day, wash your hair and apply the hair treatment then wrap your hair in a shower cap. Rinse of the treatment off the next morning. Just in case you realize you need to leave the house, head wraps are a saver! No one will know what is underneath it!

You should treat your hair twice a month especially if you are in very hot regions like Athi River because hot temperature dries your hair. Make sure you oil it regularly as well.

4) Talk to your hair!


No, I am not mad, it works! Your hair is like a baby and the way it looks is a reflection of how it feels and how you feel about it. Have you ever heard about the science experiment of freezing water? The scientist would say kind words to one cup and to the other he would say mean words. The one which received mean words resulted in funny-looking crystals while the other one had organized crystals which formed an attractive pattern. It’s the same with your hair. Treat your hair with love.

5) Choose your hairstyles well


Because of breastfeeding, my hair really cut but plating lines kept the hair line intact. If you find that your hair is weak, you should braid it continuously for three or four months  until it gains volume. Lines are best for this.

Quick Style tip: Sometimes you do not need to use a comb for the afro. Comb through it with your hands and tie a band or put a bow and you are good to go!


Embrace your African campaign was inspired by a slender, dark-skinned African beauty who shared her thoughts with Pendotalk in the post “a letter from a drop dead gorgeous lady

  1. hey,great article.When you say “braid your hair continuously for 3 or 4 months” do you mean braid then undo after each month for 3 months,or just braid once,then undo after 3months.??

    1. Hello Cindy!

      It means you should braid, undo and then braid immediately after. Braids should not stay on the head for too long, 3 weeks is best. & if your hair is weak it’s better to have lines at the fore line so that the hair does not cut.

      Happy afro Cindy!

    2. hi Cindy 🙂

      what usually happens is, I will undo today,treat it over night and plait it the next day for a period of four or three months. So it depends.

      Thank You pendotalk for sharing 🙂

    1. For dusty areas what you need is just to wash it more regularly. You do not always have to treat it while washing but if you have time to do so that is always best, even for those in non-dusty areas.

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