Lessons learnt from a power couple: Mercy Ndivo & Jared Babu

Jared and Mercy were extraordinary individuals, outstanding in everything they do. They were a match made in heaven, a power couple to aspire to. The ill-fated Ethiopian airways accident on 10th March 2019 claimed their lives, & for many it has been very difficult to come to terms with this reality. Hearing the close families’ tributes does however give their friends and extended family hope, as they have accepted God’s will to call these beautiful souls to heaven, even though we feel he called them way too soon.

These smart, hard working, spiritual, kind and creative individuals lived exemplary lives and all those who knew them have learnt something from them.These are a few lessons we can learn from them:

Always think positive

Jared and Mercy were full of positive energy. Always smiling or laughing. Even when things were difficult at work for Mercy or at the business for Jared, they  remained calm and focused more on the solution than the problem.

It was always a pleasure being around them because their positivity was infectious.

Take time to know & understand scripture

Jared and Mercy did not just live spiritual lives, they wanted to impact other people’s spiritual lives as well. This led them to start a Bible study group: JC Pals Bible study group. They generously opened the doors of their home to discuss scripture.

Always make time for family

Despite their busy schedules, Mercy and Jared valued family life. They made time to share memories as a couple and also with their daughter, Emily. Jared would also organise for all the cousins to visit the grandparents all together at least once a year.

No matter how “tight” your schedule may be, always make time for family and make the time that you spend with them special.

Pursue your dreams

Knowing what they wanted in life, they pursued their hearts deepest desires everyday of their lives. Mercy, a prowess accountant not only obtained a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Finance but also completed her ACCA and later did a Masters in Professional Accounting. Jared, an outgoing, creative marketer started 3 companies: Adllink, Seaways Insurance Agency & Molatech Ltd. His dream was to be the owner of a successful business conglomerate and he worked very hard everyday to make that dream a reality.

Jared personally took the time to give us ideas on how to grow Pendotalk. He had nothing to gain from it, yet he was so passionate about seeing us grow and impact thousands of couples and families. We feel ashamed not to have implemented his brilliant ideas while he was here, but we will strive to implement them from now henceforth and hope that he will be proud of our progress and impact as he smiles down from heaven.

Live your life to the fullest!

A life well lived is a life worth celebrating. Mercy and Jared lived very good lives and touched those who they met along the way. Their death is not a loss, but a gain in heaven.


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